“Gospel Values and Politics” – A brief reflection by Peter Bouteneff

“Gospel values do not prescribe how to shape our governments. They tell us how to live.” As committed Orthodox Christians, the decisions we make about our lives and our society are supposed to be “Gospel-based.” What does that mean in general, and what does it mean specifically with regard to our politics? Gospel values are Christ-values, and we are given … Read More

“Friendship and Camp” by Fr. Joel Weir

Rev. Joel Weir, Rector, St. Stephen the First Martyr Orthodox Church, Crawfordsville, IN, Camp Priest, St. John’s Camp Programs. When I was asked to write a reflection on the importance of camp programs, I immediately recalled a conversation my wife and I had with Bishop Paul on his first visit to our parish. We asked what he thought were the … Read More

“Daily Prayer” by Dr. Albert Rossi

Father Thomas Hopko often said, “All is well.”  He would quote Saint Therese of Lisieux who said, “For the heart that loves, all is well.”  But, at first glance, all doesn’t seem well.  We need only look at the front page of any newspaper, or the insides of our hard hearts.  All doesn’t seem well.  That’s the point.  We are called to … Read More