An Encyclical of Hope

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On December 31st of 2020, the OCA web page published an encyclical from the Holy Synod of the Orthodox Church in America entitled “Encyclical of Hope.” You can access it by clicking on this link:

I would encourage families to read this encyclical together over a three or four day period. As you chew on this, it will make for good discussion among family members. How will you apply the encyclical to your daily lives? How can you put into practice what it says? What is hard or easy about it? What might be difficult to understand? All of these questions would make for great talking points as you read this encyclical together and discuss it as a family. May the Lord bless you all with a blessed New Year, and the celebration of His Holy Theophany in the week to come.

With love in Christ,

Archbishop Paul

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  1. Your Eminence: This document is outstanding! There are so many highlights that serve to turn our hearts and minds to Christ in gratefulness. Thank you for sharing this.

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