Acts of Growth, Dependence and Independence Under the Age of Seven

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The ages of 12 to 15 often see a reemergence of the struggles between parents and their children that are comparable to the so-called “terrible twos.” Battles of control and independence are common during this time as teens seek greater freedom from their parents and may rebel against limits that have been placed on their behavior. Yet teens are not in position to totally care for themselves. Despite the cry for more freedom, teens are still dependent on their parents in terms of providing a roof over their heads, food, and clothing, and they still lack the spiritual, emotional, and mental maturity to act as an independent person.

Several things happen during the pre-teen and early teen years that are important in impacting the path towards healthy independence — the onset of puberty for boys and the first menstrual period for girls. Teens get their driver’s licenses during these years. They also may get jobs for the first time. These milestones are important.

Next week, I will sum up this thread by seeking to answer the question, “At what age can a child choose to go to church?”

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