Are We That Out Of Touch?

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Last week, a priest in our diocese sent me a two-and-a-half minute video bearing a Comedy Central logo, but also released on a web link called “Alternatino”. The video depicts a father attempting to have a conversation about sex with his teenage son, who is going to his prom. I laughed at some of the video because what the father … Read More

What are you doing this summer?

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Many people take vacations in the summer, or send their children to church or band camps. Those who play football often begin practices during the summer to get ready for the fall season. Here are some things to think about now that summer has come upon us. When going on vacation, don’t take a vacation from church. Make sure you … Read More

What does research say about Home Schooling? What about Parochial Schools?

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Several weeks ago, a person responded to my original note on this topic, citing links to research that has been done on home schooling. In reading through them, I was able to discern the following. Those who are home schooled do not suffer academically, and may even do better in academic achievement. The concerns about home schooled children not being … Read More

Guns in Churches, some pragmatic concerns

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When I reflect on the idea of people having permits to carry concealed weapons in church, the following thoughts come to mind. While people may be well trained in using a fire arm, the question remains as to what if someone enters a church and begins to fire openly on parishioners, thereby prompting one who has a firearm to use … Read More

Gun Shootings in Synagogues and Churches

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In the last several months there have been a series of attacks in synagogues and churches (the most recent a few days ago in San Diego). People have entered these places of worship using guns to kill congregants. On Western Easter, there were a series of bombings in Catholic Churches of Sri Lanka (and other targets) that killed over 300 … Read More