Using Technology to do God’s Work

“Old geysers” like me are just not “up” on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and today’s other popular social apps. We complain about how such things are bad for children, teens and adults. While some of this is true, we need to consider how such things can be used for good. In and of themselves, social apps are actually neither good … Read More

Home Blessings at Theophany, a great family event

“The Church teaches us to sanctify everything: dwellings, places of work, all our pursuits, and the fruits of our labor. The home blessing at Theophany represents a renewal of our lives in Christ. Washed in the baptismal waters, our homes become temples of the Holy Spirit for the fulfillment of the will of our Heavenly Father. This is why the … Read More

Emotions and the Litany of “Fervent” Supplication

During Vespers, Matins, and the Divine Liturgy, we pray the Litany of Fervent Supplication, also called the Augmented Litany. The main feature of this Litany calls upon us to pray for the particular needs of the local church community. We respond to these petitions by singing “Lord have mercy” three times. This Litany is done usually after the Gospel Reading … Read More


“For today I see equality of honor between heaven and earth, and a way for all those below to things above, matching the condescension of those on high. However great the heaven of heavens may be, or the upper waters which form a roof over the celestial regions, or any heavenly place, state, or order, they are by no more … Read More

Emotions and Worship

If there is any criticism we get from non-Orthodox Christians (and on occasion from some Orthodox Christians as well), it is that we seem so stoic in worship; there is no spontaneity in our liturgy. We read from a book when we celebrate a service and we read from the same book, week after week. We sing from prepared texts … Read More

Sesame Street and its Impact on Learning Inside and Outside the Church

The upcoming live stream slated to be held on December 30, 2018 will focus on the topic, “Why can’t Church be more fun?” We cannot discuss this without looking at the impact the show Sesame Street has had — and still has — on our lives today. Since the show made its debut in November 1969, several generations of people … Read More

Family Prayer: One Other Option

As I looked at the outlines in last week’s reflection, I realized that some families may want to observe morning and evening prayers as an individual rule. Therefore, I am offering another option that could be offered daily before or after dinner. Begin with “Through the prayers of our Holy Fathers…” Trisagion Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer Short reading of Saint … Read More

“The Family Prayer Rule” — A Starting Point

I would like to offer the following as a possible “Family Prayer Rule” for daily use. It is a simple outline, as a prayer rule is similar to an accordion — one may keep it short and condensed, or one may add more by stretching it out. In any instance, it is better to be consistent than to shoot for … Read More

Dealing with Death and Your Children

Last week, the Diocese of the Midwest had to deal with the sad and tragic repose of one of our Protodeacons and his Matushka. They were found murdered in their home last Sunday, November 11. What do we do when something like this happens? For that matter, what do we do when our children have to deal with a tragic … Read More