The Family

The Orthodox Christian faith considers the family to be a little Church, for it is within the family where real Christian formation takes place.

With that in mind, His Grace, Bishop Paul of Chicago, has envisioned a faith-based effort to provide resources and support for the "little Church".  Orthodox Family Life was created to begin fulfilling that vision.

We will be publishing frequent "Reflections" from Bishop Paul focusing on the family. We encourage thoughtful comments and discussion on these reflections, to better understand the challenges and concerns within families, and offer more resources directed to those challenges.  As we continue to gain momentum, we will add more resources and content to promote spiritually edifying nourishment and growth for families in the faith. 

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Recent Comments

  • Friendship and Camp by Fr. Joel Weir (1)
    • Bishop Paul Gassios Father Joel Thanks for this thoughtful piece on camp life, and also including camp listings for the Midwest Diocese this summer. God bless, +Paul – Jun 05, 2:34 PM
  • Reflection for June 5th, 2018 (2)
    • Bishop Paul Gassios Thank you Helen for your words and your citation of John Chrysostom. As you will see in my notes the next few weeks, there is... – Jun 05, 11:38 AM
    • Helen Haffner Thank you, Your Grace. I, too, was grieved when I heard about the decision in Ireland and hearing our society call what is evil, good.... – Jun 05, 10:43 AM
  • Reflection for May 1st, 2018 (5)
    • Michael Ramey - Br Áedán Your Grace, My wife and I moved in August from the Archdiocese of Western PA when we came from Steubenville; now, in Cincinnati, we are... – May 30, 6:45 AM

This Week’s Reflection

by Bishop Paul

Reflection for June 12th, 2018

What can Orthodox Christians do besides advocating for the overturn of Roe vs. Wade? Roman Catholicism in many areas in the United States sponsors crisis pregnancy programs that offer support to pregnant women who decide to carry their child. These programs offer counseling, financial aid, medical and housing assistance, clothing,…

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